Salmon & Trout Fishing Aberdeenshire

Beautiful Aberdeenshire 

Whether you’re a local or tourist, Aberdeenshire is a truly wonderful destination. It is bursting with activities and adventures, many of which will stay in your heart forever. 

There are plenty of things to do in Aberdeenshire. However, its greatest gift is the ability to step back from the stresses of modern life to enjoy the world as Mother nature intended. The local area is very accommodating for individuals and small groups, offering a plethora of enjoyable escapes. A trip to Lochnagar is at the top of that agenda. 


Lochnagar, or the ‘Little Loch of the Noisy’, isn’t just one of the highlights of Aberdeenshire. In truth, it’s one of the most beautiful areas in Scotland, and even Great Britain as a whole. 

If the name itself rings familiar, it’s probably due to the nearby malt-whisky distillery. However, the Royal Lochnager brand only tells a small part of the story. The mountain, which boasts a peak of just under 3,800ft, serves as the perfect hiking route with routes available for people of all fitness levels. 

However, salmon and trout fishing is the most enjoyable activity of all.

Fishing In Aberdeenshire 

Salmon and trout fishing at Lochnagar is a great experience for both experienced and first-time anglers alike. The loch itself sits on the River Dee and boasts a particularly rich environment for various breeds of salmon. 

Aside from the relaxed glory of fishing itself, the stunning backdrop guarantees an immense sense of tranquility. Let your eyes feast on the beauty of the River Dee and the Lochnagar peak for an image that’s sure to remain with you for a lifetime. Utter perfection. 

Fishing With Ian Murray? 

Fishing at Lochnagar is all about peace. Those stress-free feelings can be enhanced massively with Ian Murray’s support and guidance. Not only does Ian have the experience and expertise needed to show you the very best fishing spots. He will additionally provide all the necessary equipment needed for the perfect day of angling. This allows you to focus on the relaxed atmosphere and enjoyment. 

Sessions are available throughout the year and can be tailored to suit anglers of all abilities and experiences. Meanwhile, tuition can be provided for new anglers, to ensure that you gain the very best experience. Fishing trips can also include walking treks to complete the perfect day enjoying the delights of Aberdeenshire. 

Ian’s fishing tours are the perfect addition to any short stay in this part of the world. Meanwhile, they offer a great day trip for locals to enjoy the true beauty waiting on our doorsteps. But don’t take our word for it, here’s what some of our previous adventurers have to say: 

“A fantastic experience!” G Symons, Colorado. 

“A great morning, we could never have experienced this on our own with the limited time available, thanks Ian.” Tom, Trinidad and Tobago. 

“Thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.” John Reynolds, South Africa. 

What Next? 

To find out more or book your salmon and trout fishing Aberdeenshire adventure,, contact Ian today on 07771346650. 

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