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Fishing in Aberdeenshire is a fantastic activity for visitors of all ages and backgrounds. Meanwhile, it is equally rewarding for locals looking for a unique day trip. Whether you’re a regular angler or not, you can’t go wrong with a day of fishing on Deeside. 

More specifically, fly fishing is sure to generate smiles for all visitors from start to finish. It’s the perfect way to spend some time in the Aberdeenshire area. In truth, there couldn’t be a better setting for your next (or even first) fishing adventure either. 

Why Fly Fishing? 

Fly fishing isn’t the only type of popular angling in the region, and there are various other methods used for salmon and trout fishing. These can include other rod variations, such as bank fishing. Alternatively, it may involve line fishing methods or different forms of angling. Nonetheless, the option of using a fly is one of the most enjoyable, and it is one that will provide those magical memories you crave. 

The method of fly fishing is particularly well suited to river fishing, which is why it’s a great option when visiting the Royal Deeside area. Moreover, it gives you the option to get stuck right into the meat of it by wading into the Lochnager water. 

Fly fishing is very easy to learn too. From making knots for the lures to casting, the accessibility makes it suitable even for beginners. Meanwhile, it offers a great experience for those more accustomed to alternative rod techniques. 

Fly Fishing Tours Aberdeenshire 

If you’re going to enjoy the thrills and relaxation of fly fishing in Aberdeenshire, you might as well do it in the best fashion. Tours provided by Ian Murray are the perfect solution. 

Not only will you get to visit the finest parts of the river, blessed with a high volume of beautiful salmon and trout. You’ll also be fishing amidst some of the most beautiful locations that the whole of Scotland has to offer. It truly is the perfect way to enjoy the tranquility of the area along with the sheer joys of fishing. 

Taking a fly fishing tour also removes the hassle of finding the right equipment, as all rods, lures, and accessories will be provided. In addition to making the trip more affordable, it ensures that you’ll have the best products for optimum joy. Ian is also a fantastic tutor and can help even the ultimate novice become a master of the river in no time. 

Everything from pre-trip pick up to post-trip drop off is taken care of, leaving you to focus on enjoying fly fishing in Aberdeenshire to the max. What more could any visitor ask for? 


If the prospect of a fly fishing tour in some of Aberdeenshire’s finest locations sounds appealing, Ian can turn those plans into a reality. Contact him today via phone or email to discuss the full details and make your reservation. 

A dream day of fly fishing on Lochnagar awaits. 

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