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Amazing Aberdeenshire 

Aberdeenshire is unquestionably home to some of Scotland’s most beautiful landscapes. Moreover, it boasts some of the greatest natural and historical landmarks in all of Great Britain. For many, Royal Deeside is the jewel in the crown, which is why it should be top of the agenda for anyone planning to visit this part of the world. 

However, if you’re going to explore the many delights that Royal Deeside has to offer, you owe it to yourself to do so in style. A tour provided by Ian Murray is the perfect solution. 

A Little About Ian 

Ian isn’t just a tour operator; he is an expert in everything Royal Deeside. He was brought up in Ballater and is the author of several popular books that focus on the beauty of Aberdeenshire’s finest places. That knowledge transmits itself through his tours, which are the ideal option for visitors of all ages and backgrounds. 

Discover Royal Deeside tours offered by Ian are different from others. This is because they boast the unique authenticity that can only be born from an intense knowledge and passion for the area. 

Ian’s Royal Deeside Tours 

Unlike many destinations, Royal Deeside is one where a guided tour is almost essential. Quite frankly, that’s because Aberdeenshire has so much to offer. Moreover, many of its most beautiful landmarks are located in places that you’d never find without the help of an expert. Frankly, that guidance could make all the difference between a great trip and the perfect one. 

After being picked up in a luxury seven-seater Land Rover, guests are taken on an incredible journey with fun and adventure at every turn. You’ll get to see well-known landmarks like the Royal Balmoral castle and the Lochnager munro. 

However, you’ll also delve into some of the hidden gems found in the beautiful Lochnager. There are a plethora of other stunning sceneries that can only be accessed when you know the local area like the back of your hand. 

Ian’s passion for the area also shines through as he provides valuable information about each point of interest. Most importantly, the relaxed and friendly vibe is the perfect partner to the tranquility of the Royal Deeside vicinity. If the tour doesn't satisfy all of your desires during the Aberdeenshire stay, you can find out about various trips such as fishing and trekking. 

The tours are available throughout the year and are adapted to suit the changing seasons. Essentially, they really do boast something for everyone. So, whether you’re an individual or a small group, this is the ideal way to take your adventures to the next level. 

Book A Tour 

Are you ready to experience the best of what Royal Deeside has to offer? If so, Ian is here to guide you on a journey of education, fun, and sheer amazement. 

To discover Royal Deeside tours and the once-in-a-lifetime experiences that you’ll never forget, contact Ian today. 

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